Fully Accredited Microsoft Training Centre in London

We are specialists in our field. Our tutors can deliver scheduled Microsoft Office training courses to students in classroom format or online. As a Microsoft Certified Academy, our programs are delivered at the highest standard. Many past students have benefited greatly from the skills and accredited qualifications that they have gained on our courses. We are able deliver bespoke or tailored courses to meet the specific needs of their delegates.

Word Courses London

Souters offers a wide range corporate training to many large corporations. You can see some of our client list on our about us page. Our training to corporates and organisations can be delivered at client venues. We can deliver specialised and bespoke programs or standard microsoft syllabuses training to corporates, depending on their training needs. All of the courses are CPD Accredited and students will received CPD Certificate on successful completion of training.

Microsoft Excel Courses London

We have developed a range of training courses to meet the needs of several different job types, including Banking, Finance, Accountants, HR, Administration, Sales, Project Management and so much more. All of our programs are fully CPD Accredited and successful completion of our courses will lead to CPD Certification. This looks great on your CV and can open job options.

Microsoft Office Training London

Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and Access Courses are all available in a classroom environment, online training, bespoke training or corporate courses. This means that you can gain recognised qualification and accredited certificates that can build your career potential and CV.

PowerPoint Courses London

Souters is a Microsoft Certified Academy. Therefore, we can offer MOS Certiport Exams to our students and the wider public. These are international qualifications offered by Microsoft Certiport. Our Academy status requires that we maintain the highest standards of online learning. All of our online training is completely interactive. The system uses virtual tutors from live servers. This enables the student to receive tuition from a virtual tutor, who can mark and give feedback on their exercises. This process simulates personal tuition with an online tutor.


Proficient Access Course - CPD Accredited

Training in Microsoft Access Intermediate is an in-depth program to gain professional kno..

£99.00 Ex Tax: £99.00

Beginner PowerPoint - CPD Accredited

This Beginner PowerPoint Course is delivered online on a live server with a virtual tutor. The cours..

£99.00 Ex Tax: £99.00

Proficient Excel - CPD Accredited

Training in Microsoft Excel Intermediate is an in-depth program to gain professional knowledge which..

£99.00 Ex Tax: £99.00

Beginner Outlook Course - CPD Accredited

This is an Accredited Beginner Outlook Training Course that is delivered online. When it comes ..

£99.00 Ex Tax: £99.00

Classroom Word Course London

Souters is a Microsoft Certified Academy, with highly qualified teaching staff that teach our Micros..

£199.00 Ex Tax: £199.00

Classroom Excel Course - CPD Accredited

Souters is a Microsoft Certified Academy, with a range of experience and qualified trainers to deliv..

£199.00 Ex Tax: £199.00

Bespoke Excel Course - CPD Accredited

Our Bespoke Excel Course will greatly improve your skills and use of this incredibly important piece..

£399.00 Ex Tax: £399.00