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Advanced Access – CPD Accredited


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Knowledge in Microsoft Access Advanced will give you the confidence to operate efficiently and effectively in any office. This knowledge will impress any employer, boost your career and lift your profile in the office. We offer CPD Accredited Certification in Access Advanced which is internationally recognised qualification (included in fee).


To gain CPD Accredited Certification in Access Advanced; to gain in-depth knowledge of MS Access Advanced level; to advance your career or job chances; to gain confidence in this application.

Course Format

The training is delivered online, using a virtual tutor. The virtual tutor instructs, corrects and provides examples, to simulate having a personal IT trainer. This is a very effective and up to date method of delivering interactive online training.

Course Content

Tables: all about the design
If you have a database to create, pay particular attention to the design of your tables:

  • Restructuring a table in Datasheet view
  • Restructuring a table in Design view
  • Restricting what can be entered in a field
  • Input masks
  • Lookup lists Indexing a table
  • Relationships between tables

Forms for entering data
You have a well-designed table and a lot of data to put in it. You will find it easier to inter the data via a form

  • Form properties
  • Preventing access to form fields
  • Changing the order of access to fields
  • Sub forms
  • Using a form to inter data in several tables at once
  • Collecting and sharing data

Controls: positioning, organising
Think of controls as containers for your data. If you are creating a form, position them to simplify typing.

  • Creating a text box to represent a field
  • Selecting and deleting controls
  • Creating a check box/button
  • Creating an option group
  • Creating a label
  • Creating a calculated control
  • Calculating statistics in forms and reports
  • Creating a set list of values
  • Creating a list of values from an existing table/query

Controls: getting the presentation right
Some simple techniques for the presentation of controls, to insure that your forms and reports are attractive

  • Moving and copying controls
  • Aligning and spacing controls
  • Changing the height of a section
  • Creating a rectangle/line control
  • Resizing controls
  • Formatting text in a control
  • Aligning text in a control
  • Formatting controls
  • Conditional formatting
  • Copying a format from one control to another
  • Grouping/ungrouping controls
  • Numbering pages in a report or form
  • Inserting a picture
  • Themes

Reports for communicating data
The better your reports look; the more impact your data will have.

  • Sorting information in a report
  • Grouping records in a report
  • Printing groups on separate pages of a report
  • Mailing labels

Find out more
Calculations, statistics, all sorts of queries… get to know some of Access’ less known functions.

  • Calculated fields in a query
  • Statistics without grouping
  • Statistics on groups
  • Statistics on groups of pre-selected records
  • Parameter queries
  • Find unmatched query
  • Find duplicates query
  • Crosstab query
  • Creating a pivot table
  • Grouping records in a pivot table
  • Adding a totals
  • Pivot charts

Dates and Duration

Please email or telephone to arrange a start date with induction. It is recommended that you take your assessment within three months in order to obtain a CPD Accredited Microsoft Access Advanced Certificate (included in the price). You have access to the training program for 1 year.

Course Requirements

Intermediate level of MS Access is beneficial for this Advanced level.


  • Training written by senior Microsoft Partners
  • User friendly state of the art system
  • CPD Accredited Microsoft Access Advanced Certificate – internationally recognised
  • CPD Accredited qualification to boost your CV and job options
  • Being prepared for any assessment at any job interview
  • Confidence in the use Access effectively at work
  • Work quickly because of this additional knowledge
  • Flexible training can be at home or at our academy or a mix
  • Flexibility, so you can train in a shorter period if needed
  • User friendly system to make you professionally effective with this software
  • Access to training program for one year.

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