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Knowledge in Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced will give you the confidence to operate efficiently and effectively in any office. This knowledge will impress any employer, boost your career and lift your profile in the office. Training is flexible with a choice of training at our Centre where you have access to tutors or at your home/work or a blend of the two. The online training is delivered via user friendly state of the art system using the latest technology in interactive training. The training is through a virtual tutor who follows your progress and suggests/shows the correct way to perform a task. The program consists of 25 topics which gives thorough knowledge through the virtual tutor. You have the program for 1 year which can be useful as a reference in the future.

We, as a Microsoft Certified Academy, can offer CPD Accredited Certification in PowerPoint Advanced which is internationally recognised qualification (included in fee). We can also offer Certiport Global Certification (at an extra cost).


To gain CPD Accredited Certification in PowerPoint Advanced; to gain in-depth knowledge of MS PowerPoint Advanced level; to advance your career or job chances; to gain confidence in this application.

Course Format

Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced level is offered in PowerPoint 2010. Intermediate level can be added as a supplement to this Advanced course.

The course consists 25 topics in bite sized learning chunks.

Course Content

Polish the presentation
Three ways to add impact to your slides.

  • Managing chart templates
  • Slide background
  • Customising a theme

Master the masters

To create a seamless total look for each of your presentations, get into the habit of working with masters. They save you time too.

  • The slide master
  • Managing layouts
  • Managing placeholders
  • Formatting slide masters
  • Using slide masters
  • The notes master
  • The handout master

Customise, finalise

Customisation ideas for making your presentation memorable, and other advanced techniques: how to limit the slide show to a selection of slides, how to create and use templates, and also adding comments to your presentation, or marking it as final.

  • Custom slide shows
  • Choosing the slides for the slide show
  • You need to know: Styles and templates
  • Creating and using a presentation template
  • Presentation properties
  • Comments
  • Comparing presentations
  • Protecting a presentation with a password

Approach expert status

Advanced commands for advanced users: protecting your presentations, using digital signatures, retrieving earlier versions, customising the ribbon, working as a team and other skills for maximum efficiency.

  • Finalising presentations
  • Digital signatures
  • You need to know: Versions and recovery of files
  • You need to know: Customising the ribbon
  • You need to know: The SharePoint site
  • You need to know: Sharing a document over the internet
  • You need to know: Best practice with a presentation program

Dates and Duration

Please email or telephone to arrange a start date with induction. It is recommended that you take your assessment within three months in order to obtain a CPD Accredited Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced Certificate (included in the price). You have PowerPoint to the training program for 1 year.

Course Requirements

Intermediate level of MS PowerPoint is beneficial for this Advanced level.

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