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Training in Microsoft Word Advanced is the final top-up training to gain advanced professional knowledge which is much needed in any office. The training consist of approximately 8 modules covering 53 topics. This online training program is interactive with a virtual trainer at your disposal, who will oversee and guide you via visual and audio. Training is flexible. You may choose training at our Centre with access to tutors or at your home / work or a blend of the two. You have the program for 1 year.


To gain a CPD Accredited Certificate at Microsoft Word Advanced level – this certificate is recognised internationally.

To gain fundamental knowledge of Microsoft Word Advanced level

Souters also offer assessment for MOS Certificate as a supplement. Please CLICK HERE

Course Format

Microsoft Word Advanced level is offered in either Word 2010 or 2013. Intermediate level can be added as a supplement to this Advanced course.

The course consists of approximately 8 modules incorporating 53 topics.

Course Content

  • Captions and table of illustrations
  • Bookmarks; Cross references; Hyperlinks
  • Text in columns; Index
  • Citations and bibliography
  • Create envelopes, address labels
  • Mail merge: associating document and recipients
  • Insert, run mail merge
  • Edit, add, sort, delete recipients
  • Select the records to print
  • Conditional text in a mail merge
  • Print labels via the mail merge
  • Fields for variable data
  • Create, modify, delete styles
  • Use the Styles pane
  • Display formatting details

Create, modify attractive, coherent documents faster, with themes and templates.

  • Create, customise a theme
  • Create, modify, delete a template
  • Change template attached to a document
  • Copy styles to other files
  • Set up, manage application preferences
  • Digital signatures
  • Macros
  • Versions and recovery of files
  • Blog posts

Transfer, export – PDF, XPS, text, web page, e-mail

  • Manage tracked changes; Comments
  • Merge, compare, protect documents
  • Protect a document with a password
  • Convert Word documents
  • Tips on methodology, approaches to teamwork
  • The SharePoint site
  • Sharing a document over the internet.

Dates and Duration

Please email, telephone or register online to arrange a convenient date and induction.

We do recommend you have your assessment within three months so you may be certificated early. You can extend the course in the event you cannot complete the course within three months. You have the program for one year which is useful for future reference.

Course Requirements

Intermediate level of MS Word


  • CPD Accredited Certificate at Microsoft Word Advanced
  • CPD Certificate will enhance your CV and job prospects
  • Ideal preparation for the job market or interviews
  • Confidence in working with Word
  • Ability to work quickly because of this knowledge
  • Flexible as training can be at home or at our academy or a mix
  • User friendly system to make you professionally effective with this software
  • Access to training program for one year.


On successful completion, you will gain CPD Accredited Certificate at Microsoft Word Advanced level.

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