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Tailored and Bespoke Training by Microsoft Certified Training Centre

Bespoke Training Courses in Excel, Word and PowerPoint are available. Our training staff have delivered Bespoke Training to private individuals who are looking to build skills for careers and new jobs. However, it has also been used by numerous companies who are looking to develop their staff with courses that directly relate to their own employees.

Bespoke Microsoft Excel Training Courses

As this is Bespoke Training that is tailored to our needs, it is best to speak to our consultants directly. Please call 020 7248 8987 or email Send Mail to

Bespoke Training Courses are ideal for people with specialised training needs and they help to meet exact training requirements. This is ideal for companies who are training their staff and want focused training programs. We have found that the majority of companies who have taken Bespoke training have preferred the style of training compared to regular syllabuses. This is because little time is wasted in class learning elements that are not relevant. There is also a greater focus on ensuring that the learner gains relevant skills to their business. Infact, many students are directly able to gain the skills needed to perform better at work and even improve their work systems, due to bespoke training.

Training in PowerPoint, Word or Excel

Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint are the most commonly requested Bespoke training courses. This is due to advances in the PowerPoint program that enable greater functionality in presentations or video presentation. Excel is particularly popular due to its functionality and ability of advanced user to improve processes and analysis. The variation in Excel training is also huge and we have delivered very varied Excel courses to a range of industries and functionalities.

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