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This is an CPD Accredited Microsoft Word Course at Proficient Level. This course is ideal for anyone looking to gain a solid knowledge of Microsoft Word and an Accredited qualification to put on their CV. The training consists of approximately 6 modules covering 46 topics. This online training program is interactive with a virtual trainer at your disposal, who will oversee and guide you via visual and audio. The virtual tutor instructs you and is able to mark your exercises, providing correction. It is like you have your own personal tutor. The structure is flexible and you may choose training at our Centre with access to tutors, at your home / work or a blend of the two. You have access to the program for 1 year.

Souters is a Microsoft Certified Academy, which means that we only the very latest technology to deliver our fully interactive training.

Intermediate Word Course Objective

This course is a Intermediate Word course and it is designed for students who have intermediate level skills. The objective of this course is to gain a high level of proficiency in Microsoft Word and the preparation to take Advanced Word Training.

Training Course Format

The course is offered across the different formats including Word 2010 and 2013. You can attend the course and then opt to take Advanced Level additionally at a discounted price of £50. It is also possible to purchase Beginner Level for a discounted price if needed.

Intermediate Word Course Content

  • Create, fill, move around tables
  • Select, insert, delete rows and columns
  • Table styles
  • Perfect and exploit tables
  • Merge or split cells
  • Convert text to table, table to text
  • Calculate in a table
  • Use drawing objects and pictures to brighten up your text
  • Size, rotate, adjust, move, copy a drawing object
  • Insert, manage, position, wrap a picture
  • Charts; Diagrams
  • Add impact with pictures, charts and diagrams
  • Achieve maximum effect with shapes, text boxes, pictures etc.
  • Format drawing object
  • Format text in an object/WordArt
  • Insert objects from other applications
  • Insert document, cover page, blank page, special characters
  • Hyphenation
  • Character spacing and position
  • Create, manage a custom dictionary
  • AutoCorrect settings
  • Statistics and document properties
  • Create, protect, use a form
  • Work, move around long documents
  • Views and windows
  • Use different headers and footers
  • Manage automatic page breaks
  • Manage footnotes, endnotes
  • Hierarchy of titles
  • Outline view
  • Table of contents

Dates and Duration

The course takes a maximum of three months to complete. Many students do complete the course much faster. This depends on the rate of study and practice. You will continue to have access to the course material for 12 months, which is very useful when at work and you need help remembering certain Word skills. If you need more time than 3 months, you can contact us to arrange an extension for an admin fee.


The intermediate level of this course can be started with no previous qualifications. However, you should have a beginner level knowledge of Word. If you need to gain Beginner Level skills, please see our Beginner Level Word Course. You can purchase a second word course for a discounted £50.

Intermediate Word Course Benefits

  • CPD Accredited Certificate at Microsoft Word Intermediate
  • CPD Certificate will enhance your CV and job prospects
  • Ideal preparation for the job market or interviews
  • Confidence in working with Word
  • Ability to work quickly because of this knowledge
  • Flexible as training can be at home or at our academy or a mix
  • User friendly system to make you professionally effective with this software
  • Access to training program for one year
  • The option to buy Advanced Level or Beginner Level for only £50, as an existing student.

On successful completion, you will gain CPD Accredited Certificate at Microsoft Word Intermediate level.

Souters can also offer assessment for MOS Certificate as a supplement from the Microsoft Certiport exam.

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