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Souters offers a range of training courses that can be taken online. We have online word courses, excel courses, access courses, powerpoint courses and outlook courses. All the training programmes are delivered on a live server. This enables the programme to provide a virtual tutor who can monitor the action of the student and make corrections or approve their work. We do offer classroom courses if this is preferred.

Microsoft office training courses online

This is as good as having a tutor in classroom at your own disposal. All of the online training courses are available to be taken remotely or in our IT training centre, if you prefer to study in a formal environment. The courses are CPD Accredited and certification is offered. Corporates can find details of our Bespoke Training, if online training does not suit their needs.

Online microsoft office courses

All of our online Microsoft office courses are CPD Accredited and the students who successful finish our training and assessment will receive valuable CPD Accredited Certificates in their course title. This is a great benefit to building your CV and Career skills. This additional qualification will help to open new options in your career.

Online Classes with Virtual Tutor

The online training courses that are taken with a virtual tutor enables online users to gain from interactive training online. This is a state of the art training system that has a Virtual tutor who instructs you. All the practical exercises are check and marked by the tutor. The tutor is then abel to correct mistakes. This is similar to having your own Microsoft Office trainer.

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