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Outlook is key to email management, diary management and meeting planning. The tool can be extremely potent for a wide range of qualifications including administration professionals, secretaries and PAs. Many of these roles now require more advanced diary management functions like International Diary Management.

Accredited Outlook Courses

Microsoft Office Courses offers a range of Outlook training courses at Beginner level, Intermediate level and Advanced level. All of the courses are CPD Standards Institute accredited. The training is delivered by our London based Microsoft Certified Academy. You can buy Outlook courses available at our centre in London or, of course, online. If you require Corporate or bespoke training courses, please feel free to contact our offices and our trainers will be able to arrange classroom, private or corporate training courses.

Our training programmes have been well received by many prestigious organisations. Microsoft Office Courses is a Microsoft Certified Academy which offers CPD Accredited Microsoft Outlook Training both in London, at client venue and online. All of our programmes lead to full CPD Certification on completion.

At present, we schedule classroom training at our London IT training centre as well as virtual classroom training. Courses are fully CPD Accredited and certification is issued for successful completion. We offer Beginner and Proficient level classroom training, but you can request advanced, private or specialised programmes.

Online Outlook Training Courses

Our online Outlook training courses use a state of the art system. This involves a virtual tutor and a live server. The online virtual tutor enables the programme to instruct you and also to monitor any mistakes and correct you. It is like having your own personal Outlook teacher whenever you need them. This enables participants to still gain from personal attention and the high quality tuition of a class, but also to have the flexibility that online 365 24/7 training permits. You can choose Beginner Level, Proficient Level and Advanced Level. All of our online courses are fully accredited by the CPD Standards Institute and certificates are issued on successful completion. This can greatly improve your employability and build the skills on your CV.

Job Specific Training Programs

Microsoft Office Courses has developed specialist courses which target particular industries and the skills needed for that specific career. We offer online Outlook programme designed for Legal Secretaries, Administrators, Medical Admin, Office Administrators, Secretaries, PAs, Office Managers and the list is growing. This is all offered online, using an interactive live server and virtual tutor. However, it is also possible to order these courses on a classroom, bespoke or corporate training basis, for those who prefer a face-to-face tuition environment. These types of industries that use a lot of Outlook, often opt to also purchase training in Word and PowerPoint.

Bespoke and Corporate

Our tutors are experts in their fields and possess significant work experience using Outlook in their professions and not just tutors. Feel free to contact us about any areas or specialised courses that you or your company would like to see in a Bespoke or In-house Corporate Training format.