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Microsoft Word Beginner is the ideal way to start training in MS Word. The training program consists of approximately 6 modules made up of about 56 topics. This online training program is interactive with a virtual trainer at your disposal, who will oversee and guide you via visual and audio. Training is flexible with a choice of training at our Centre with access to tutors or at your home / work or a blend of the two. You have the program for 1 year.

Here at Souters we are a Microsoft Certified Academy, which means that we only the very latest technology to deliver our fully interactive training. It also means that the certification that we offer you is fully recognised as a Microsoft Certification.

Beginner Word Course Objective

This course is a Beginner word course and it is designed for students who have beginner level skills. The objective of this course is to gain a proficient level of skill within Microsoft Word.
To gain a CPD Accredited Certificate at Microsoft Word Beginner – this certificate is recognised internationally in order to build their CV and Career Options.
To gain fundamental knowledge of Microsoft Word Beginner.


The course is offered across the different formats including Word 2010 and 2013. You can opt to take the Intermediate Level course after completion of this course for £50, at a discounted price.

Training Content

  • Opening a document and moving the insertion point
  • Text made easy, entering text and displaying the nonprinting characters
  • Managing paragraphs
  • Selecting, copying, moving, deleting text, undoing, redoing, repeating an action, saving and zooming, and creating a new document
  • Applying a quick style from the gallery, a theme
  • Character colour, case, font and size
  • Paragraph indents, alignment, spacing, line spacing, borders and shading, moving, copying text
  • Customised Numbered and bulleted lists
  • Page layout, page breaks, headers and footers, page numbering, setting, managing and leader line tab stop
  • Different levels in a list, list styles
  • Line breaks, hanging indents, non-breaking space or hyphen
  • Finding, copying and replacing text/formatting
  • Checking spelling and grammar and synonyms
  • Creating, using and managing an AutoText

Dates and Duration

You can three months to complete this course. it can be started at any time.


The Beginners level of this course can be started with no previous qualifications.

Course Benefits

  • A training program written by senior Microsoft Partners
  • CPD Accredited with Certification on successful completion
  • Gain a qualification to build your CV and job options
  • User friendly and highly interactive system
  • State of the art system used by a London Microsoft Certified Academy
  • Virtual tutor similuates having your own IT tutor
  • One version of our course has been written to train for Microsoft Certification and is available at no extra charge
  • Flexible learning to suit you
  • Training available at our Certified Training Centre or at home remotely

Course Outcome

CPD Accredited Certification on successful completion. This will require completion of CPD Accredited Assessment at the end of the course. Assessment can be taken remotely or at our our centre.

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